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"Why Can't I Ever Get Anything Done?"
How to Transform Your Life Using These 101 Time Tips

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No more searching through your e-mails for that Finding Time Tip you just know has the perfect action step for your time challenge. With illustrations, helpful introductions and more than 60 pages of practical tips and concrete action steps, this go-to guide will keep you productive and on track throughout the year!
When you claim these powerful, bite-sized Time Tips and Action Steps
for yourself, you will:


              • Learn to set boundaries AND maintain them.
              • Reduce your stress.
              • Find balance in your life.
              • Manage crises and sudden change. 
              • Increase your self-care and resilience.

So, are these tools right for you?
“Paula Eder has a way of looking at time that’s different, and deeper, than anyone else I’ve known. She’s just released a truly amazing product and having read every page of the product and bonus, I can’t speak highly enough about them.”

Sandra Martini, Business & Client Care Advisor

This powerful compilation includes time tips in user-friendly categories like:

Goal Tips — Page 4
Priority Power™ Tips — Page 7
Focus Tips — Page 10
Sudden Change Tips — Page 13
Crisis Tips (When a Friend is in Need) — Page 16
Procrastination Tips — Page 18
Stress Tips — Page 21
Resilience Tips — Page 23
Boundary Tips — Page 25
Balance Tips — Page 29
Scheduling Tips — Page 31
Task Template and To-Do List Tips — Page 34
Energy and Attitude Tips — Page 37

And to give you a glimpse of the tips and action steps you’ll find in this collection,
here are two of my personal favorites:

Templates and Lists Tip #1
Use lists to move forward by letting go.

Action Step:
Create a folder for great ideas you currently feel ‘stuck’ around.
Schedule a time to review these thoughts when you’re feeling fresh.
The better the system you create, the easier it’ll be to let go and move ahead.


Energy and Attitude Tip #3:
You actually get more done when you understand that energy and your pace
will vary throughout the day, as well as from one day to the next.
Many factors affect your rate of progress.

Action Step:
See your project as a journey. Accept any plateau as a resting place.
Use it to gather your energy for moving ahead.

And when you give yourself the gift of Paula’s Powerful Time Tips
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“Why Can’t I Find My Direction?”
17 Priority Power™ Questions to Serve as Your Compass
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These 17 Priority Power™ Questions challenge, deepen and clarify.
They are questions within layered questions that skillfully
lead you directly to the center of your struggles and
help you identify solutions that work uniquely for you.
Do Paula Eder’s Heart-Based Time Management™ Tools really work?
“These tools are created by a secret genius as far as I’m concerned. Her name is Paula Eder and she is absolutely brilliant when it comes to how to be in relationship with self and how to be in relationship with time.”

Heather Dominick, Thought Leader and Business Mentor


“Paula has a gift for cutting right through to the core of an issue, and helping you identify what’s directing the feelings and behaviors that aren’t serving you. Her unique approach combines all sorts of creative and intellectual outlets that help you express and understand yourself. She opens your eyes to patterns you haven’t noticed, and offers you a way in to understanding and even shifting them.”

Jennifer Zwiebel, Author and Organization Expert
The Organized Student: Teaching Children
the Skills for Success in School and Beyond

So give yourself these immediately downloadable Time Tips and Action Steps!

“Why Can’t I Ever Get Anything Done?” 
How to Transform Your Life Using These 101 Time Tips

Get yourself unstuck, focused, energized, and back on track!
And don’t forget, when you invest in your Time Tips you’ll also receive
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“Why Can’t I Find My Direction?”
17 Priority Power™ Questions to Serve as Your Compass

As you work with the 17 questions in this bonus you will learn about:

      • Priority Power Questions Cover 2Your fundamental beliefs and values and how they impact your time choices.
      • Ways to expand your compassion and self-care.
      • What blocks your momentum and keeps you from unlocking opportunities for yourself.

With our 17 Priority Power™ Questions, you’re getting
so much more than a simple list of questions. For example,
Question #6 has you discovering Six Keys to Unlock Your Time Wisdom.
Imagine the difference these Tips and Questions will make in your life.

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