Do you let distractions pull you off course?
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You CAN take better care of yourself!
You CAN make time choices that maintain your focus.

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The Inner Boundary Checklist
How to Use Your Intuition to Create
Highly Effective Time and Boundary Choices Today

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      • Set and maintain strong, clear inner boundaries.
      • Renew your sense of your own power with focused
        and proactive time choices.
      • Stop victimizing yourself with your choices. 
      • Align your time choices with your life goals and
        cherished values.
      • Feel empowered and energized as you take better
        care of yourself!

The Inner Boundary Checklist gives you 15 simple steps that
guide you gently in the direction you’d like to go.
Do Paula Eder’s Heart-Based Time Management™ Tools really work?
Alison Scott“Paula possesses an unerring eye to discern personal strengths and problem areas.  Her focus on truly living in the moment and building self-love and stamina to make powerful decisions has revolutionized my relationship with time.

With Paula’s support, I develop the focus to make tough decisions. This inner work combined with solid time management tools generates my ‘time resiliency’. By strengthening my time management skills, I’m creating a stronger self.

Time management used to fill me with despair. Working with Paula, I embrace it as an adventure! The more effective I become, the more doors I open.”

Alison Scott

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