Do you let self-criticism discourage and deflate you?

You CAN support rather than undermine yourself!
You CAN make wise time choices and flourish!

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Strong New Voices for
Wise Time Choices

3 Exercises to Tame Your Critical Voice
With the Wisdom of Your Adult Voice

Ready to put a stop to debilitating self-criticism?

When you start using our new FREE time management tool
“Strong New Voices for Wise Time Choices” you will …

Strong Voices Cover

      • Learn to recognize the critical messages you give yourself.
      • Renew your sense of your own power as you counter those
        messages with wise adult antidotes.
      • Get unstuck and start making wise time choices. 
      • See the connection between the messages you give yourself
        and the choices you make.
      • Feel empowered and energized as you take better care of yourself!

Strong New Voices for Wise Time Choices” gives you 3 simple and practical exercises that guide you gently in the direction you’d like to go.
Do Paula Eder’s Heart-Based Time Management™ Tools really work?
These exercises are by a secret genius as far as I’m concerned. Her name is Paula Eder and she is absolutely brilliant when it comes to how to be in relationship with self and how to be in relationship with time.

Heather Dominick
EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach

Paula’s tools are some of the most powerful I’ve ever experienced. She introduced me to the concept of the critical and nurturing voices in my head, and taught me how to work with them. This opened up a whole new world for me. By consistently employing Paula’s exercises, I relieved myself of nearly-debilitating self-criticism and found an inner peace I didn’t know was possible.

Jennifer Zwiebel
Professional Organizer

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