Do you spend valuable time each day watching TV or surfing the net ...
leaving yourself feeling discouraged or angry about your choices?

Do others' needs and demands too often derail your plans?

You CAN say no to interruptions!
You CAN make time choices that
get you to your goals!

I'm going to give you a powerful tool to make it possible for you.

The Finding Time Success Kit, featuring ...

The New Finding Time Boundary Template

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Using this tool …

      • You WILL stop tripping yourself up!
      • You WILL meet your deadlines!
      • You WILL find the time for what matters most to YOU!
Get ready to receive our Free, Simple, Step-by-Step System that will move you beyond disappointment & frustration, & recharge your energy!

Here’s what one user has to say about this powerful, step-by-step guide …
“I signed up for Paula Eder’s New Finding Time Boundary Template in September this year because I really wanted to re-commit to accomplishing my goals AND taking better care of myself. This template is an invaluable tool for me, not just for setting boundaries relative to others’ time demands, but with myself. One of my biggest struggles is limiting my computer time. I can easily “lose” precious hours exploring all the interesting information that’s “out there.”  The New Finding Time Boundary Template has given me very concrete, practical, and doable ideas for staying true to myself and my goals … and still allowing myself to enjoy my surfing. It is so freeing! Thanks, Paula … this is a really exciting and empowering addition to my time management tool box!

Jordy C. Canterbury, NH

In this easy-to-use Finding Time Boundary Template,
written in a workbook format, you will discover how to have:
            • More positive control over your time. 
            • Enhanced self-esteem and renewed personal power.
            • Clarity in your relationships with others. 
            • Your time choices aligned with your values. 

Does it really work? Read on … 
“My traditional relationship with time has been to see time as an oppressive force. Paula has taught me not to fight with time. She coaches me to see time as a resource that needs to respected and not depleted.”  Ellen H. “Through Paula I have learned to approach my life with balance and grace under pressure. She has provided me with many practical and useful tools to organize and prioritize my life. She constantly strives to work with the realities of life. With her I’ve learned to explore, set and manage my priorities at work and in my life.”  Suzanne W. “Paula’s gentle teaching has taught me to live in the moment. With this skill I’ve become more effective in problem solving. I do not worry about the future but focus on what I have control of in the moment. It is a great way to live!” Pat S.
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